Liverpool Trainee Research Collaborative

Current Projects

PLA logoPyogenic Liver Abscess Audit

A regional collaborative study reviewing the management of liver abscesses with specific outcomes of abscess resolution and drain management.

GBCholecystostomy Audit

A regional collaborative study reviewing the insertion of cholecystectomy drains for gallbladder empyema and severe cholecystitis. Specifically ascertaining drain outcomes and rate of cholecystectomy.


Completed National Collaborative Projects

NASBO logoNational Audit of Small Bowel Obstruction

The NASBO study was performed nationally and the LTRC collated results from Mersey hospital trusts. Outcomes specifically related to management and nutritional aspects of small bowel obstruction was produced in the form of a national report, as well as local presentations.

National report:

legs-logo-blue-1-002LEGS: Laparoscopy in Emergency General Surgery

A series of questionnaires were completed at the RLUH and results uploaded to the NWRC website. Awaiting overall results and outcomes after study completion


Prospective Studies

PPACPPAC2 – Packing of Perianal Abscess Cavities

The Liverpool trials unit and our collaborative look forward to participating in the above study. The full study protocol can be accessed via the link above