Merseyside Emergency Laparotomy Collaboration Project


NELA logoThe NELA audit is an ongoing assessment of trust’s outcomes with regards to laparotomies. It is a national requirement to provide this data to the NELA website but this has often been arduous and neglected. More importantly the correct data needs to entered to provide exact detailed reporting and in Merseyside the surgical aspects are often provided by the anaesthetic teams.

Install the NELA app by visiting Nelamagiq or using your QR scanner with the barcode below:

MagiQ QR

Nela app symbolThe NELA app is a data entry tool which populates a central spreadsheet and allows information to inputted to the website to be more time efficient. Though data cannot be entered straight to the NELA database, it is housed in one location and saves approximately thirty minutes per case. More importantly it affords the local trust access to their own data in shorter time periods. Instead of waiting for a national report yearly, reports can be created of the trust’s choosing. The app can also produce a dashboard view which is a snapshot of current data entry and key outcomes.


It is simple to use and streamlined in order to allow surgical and anaesthetic data entry separately. The anonymity is provided by employing QR codes for each patient that has a laparotomy. This booklet is easily produced and should be housed in emergency theatres. Once a user has installed the application then a simple scan of the patients QR code will open the appropriate sections of the NELA form. Simple drop down boxes and numerical data entry creates a very user friendly interface and by touching the synchronisation button information is saved. Multiple users can access a single patients proforma, though not simultaneously. The NELA leads at the trust can access the database and upload information using the QR booklet as a patient guide.


The link below is a full presentation explaining the application and how it can employed in a trust. For any queries on its use simply email or

Initial Nela Audit Presentation


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